Windows 10 Assign port to localhost


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Mar 28, 2022
Is it possible to assign a port to the localhost. I connect to the remote server using ssh. Every time I have to assign a port number to the ssh connection in order to run in my browser. If I don't do that I get a refused to connect error. i want to assign the port number to the localhost so that every time I run it I don't to assign every time
If you have your ssh server installed, open file explorer, (make sure you are admin), in the path area put, %programdata%\ssh\ , here you will see sshd_config (if I remember right). You can open it in notepad, or in vscode, look for port, change it to the port you want, then save, either reboot or in powershell type , restart-service -name *ssh* -force , then see if you can access via your other machine.
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