Windows 7 ATI Rage XL Pro errors

Feb 27, 2009
I am running win 7 beta build 7k on my dell poweredge 500sc. I got the ATI Rage XL Pro video card drivers installed, but whenever i boot up 7 informs me of "known compatibility issues" with this program:confused:. as a result the video card does not work and im stuck in 1024x768 24 bit color. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!
Your card is not supported by Vista or Windows 7.
So basically, you're stuck where you are.

(PS; even with drivers installed, your card only had 32 MB of RAM, and would not be able to run any of the advanced graphical effects)
That is not necesarilly true. I reinstalled the drivers and i had it working perfectly (32 bit color 100 htz screen refresh rate) but when i rebooted, it didnt work anymore. Do you think i will have any shot of making this work or will i have to take a video card out of one of my other computers to make this work (eg a PCI Nvidia GEForce 8500 GT i bought in Japan this summer.... i cant believe that i wasted 250 bucks on it...)
I think you have almost no shot at making it work, and even if you did, you'd have no eye candy and it'd take so much time it wouldn't be worth it.
i restarted and it is working again... and it is as you stated "eye candy"
when i downloaded the drivers from the latest they had was win 2k
i got that and whenever i try to make it work it always says "Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup."
well i did that and it still didnt work.....
well when i restarted i got another error. so i would really appreciate whatever help you could give me. I just want this thing to work. thanks!
i will now try to install a NVidia GEForce 8500 GT that i have in another computer in this one
FAIL!! yeaah... neither monitor port worked so i was kinda screwed........ ima go update the BIOS for all the good that does me
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