Windows 10 Auto Windows update


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I don't think Microsoft thought through this very well when they will not allow you to schedule your own Windows 10 updates. I was on a flight recently when we were supposed to put our laptops away for landing. Well..... it just so happened that Win 10 said it needed to update and I was not supposed to turn off my machine. Now what? Delay the landing? Argue with the flight attendant? Turn it off and hope for the best? Hide it on the floor still running? C'mon Microsoft you are smarter than that.
You can temporarily disable W10 updates by disabling WU (Windows Updates) and WUDO as here: Windows Update Delivery Optimization: FAQ
just prior to your flight.

Not guaranteed to work, as there are still issues with the latest version (W10 v1607) still allowing updates to come through anyway.:zoned: You can also mitigate the chances of updates coming through by not scheduling your flights on Tuesdays, as that's the days that the weekly W10 push updates are distributed by Microsoft servers. That may not always be possible if you are flying on business or have a miles-award flight which you can only cash in on Tuesdays, but if you can schedule on any of the other 6 days of the week, those updates are a lot less likely to come through and bugger up your laptop! You didn't take that flight you mention above on a Tuesday, did you??? LOL.:rofl:

Best of luck,:encouragement: