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I was trying to install adobe flash cs4 and adobe photoshop cs4 on windows 7 partition. and avg and windows7 said there was a trojen in my oem disk. that being said it also says that I cant access this file do to security issues something like that. I cant give the exact error but any flash creator program of the 4 I have 2 work in compatibity mode but takes up alot of resources and adobe just won't install
I have not seen this issue yet. I use adobe flash on a daily basis and have not run into any problems yet with Avg installed. What version of avg do you currently have installed? Where did u get your copy of adobe flash?
adobe Photoshop actually sorry I should not say flash I have not gone that far into trying yet cause of the problem with photoshop. I sorry been having issues yesterday and still not fixed. but some smaller cheaper flash programs anim fx have compatibilty issues. but work with a little patience. I try to install flash I reboot

nevermind photoshop now working on install computer must had been updated and caused issues possible virus definition update from avg that needed a restart gave me a problem since I declined a auto restart, so anyways fixed,
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