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    geez … this is not a tutorial … the following is a tip. yes, it may be an illustrated tip … but, this is only a tip. i could find no child-board for "tips" … if there is one, pls move appropriately.

    • win-10
    • avg antivirus-free-edition (16.121.7859)
    • firefox (49.0.2)
    • chrome (Version 54.0.2840.71 m)
    • mie (i don't trust mie with my pw's … sorry)
    this is just a tip for those out there using yahoo email(browser) while being protected by avg … if trying to attach/upload files and yahoo issues a warning saying 'invalid attachment'. with the email still waiting to be sent … go ahead and minimize the browser's window. try the following:

    going into avg's interface:
    • options/advanced-settings
    • email protection/scanner
    • "enable" check-outgoing-email
    • apply/okay
    • close avg's interface
    going back into yahoo email:
    • delete the attachments you previously tried sending
    • save the email as "draft"
    • close yahoo.mail and yah.com
    • open new tab and log into your yahoo email
    • find/open the email you were about to send
    • re-attach the files and click "send"
    the email should successfully send.

    you have not compromised avg or yahoo or your computer in any way. also, i see no reason why this should not work cross-platform … but seems there's always idiosyncrasies in life.

    if someone feels the information is incorrect or that it does not resolve their issue … pls comment in this thread. if someone feels they wish to add information … i absolutely welcome your input.

    veritably, the above tip is not in avg's local help-files … nor is it listed on avg's global forums or knowledge base. in fact, avg's local help-files state their free-edition does not support the feature to allow/disallow. go figure.

    attached files for viewing:
    avg_yahoo_01. avg_yahoo_02.
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