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Discussion in 'General Computing' started by kemical, Jun 27, 2010.

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    Like most I upgraded to the recent Catalyst 10.6 release but had started to notice that with each successive driver release performance in DiRT 2 was getting worse. The frame rates would be just as high but the cars would start to 'hitch' (stutter) on certain tracks particularly if they contain a lot of HDR (like Battersea) or dust (Morocco maps). So just to make sure I wasn't going mad I re-installed the 10.3 Catalyst after un-installing the other one first.
    What a difference! Smoooooth as butter again, which pleased me greatly. Other games I'm playing don't seem to be so effected (Crysis, FEAR 2, Oblivion, Supcom 2) and i just wondered if the other Dirt 2 players had noticed the same? (I know there's a few of us with similar set-ups who play this game)

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