Back up freezes at 85%


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I was backing up everything (first time) on a DVD. New laptop, new 7. It took hours - but it was moving slowly - I ended up having to go to bed and leaving it still running overnight. Patience!! Came out in morning and it was sitting at 85%. 2 hours later it was still at 85%. So somehwhere in the night it stuck. I gave up. What can I do to get a back up? What makes it freeze? Well someone may know! =((

this happened to me one time when i was backing up from discs i closely examined the disc and one of them had a slight freckle missing out of them i dont know how but it was very weird, lucky i had a backup on my hardrive built in so maybe you also have a partition on there that contains a backup.

also mine was stuck at 97% hows that for frustration haha.

what is your computers model maybe we can see if it has a backup partition.



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It is a Sony PCG-7182W. But I am not familiar with partition etc. I would just like to back it up on a DVD - simple enough - but why won't it!¬!!! Yes 97% is more frustrating than 85%....

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