Bacon 'n' Ham


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Sep 21, 2012
What's the difference? I mean, they both taste just as good with scrambled eggs and a lightly toasted piece of bread. Then, fried tomatoes and sausages. mmmm.... Sunday Breakfast Special, or even Everyday Breakfast Special.
I like my bacon with a thin layer of the fat, not too much but still enough to make it tasty and juicy. How do you like your bacon/ham cooked?

Here in Canada, it's ham or gtfo ;)

Not actually, but I prefer my ham.. cooked.. I don't really know how many ways you can cook a ham lol. Roasted in the oven is usually how I'll have mine. As for bacon, I like it crispy with a little fat on the edges.

From what i've read, the definition of bacon varies depending on the locale. In the US, bacon is made from pork bellies, which have a lot of fat along with the meat. In other countries bacon is more akin to ham. I truly love pork, but I can no longer eat it, because my body reacts to it.

Most people believe that there was no good reason for the Bible to prohibit consumption of pork, but the truth is that pigs are vehicles for transitional viruses. Usually a person can eat pork for decades, and perhaps depending on their constitution, a lifetime without suffering any ill effects, but then again they may be suffering from them without even knowing it.