Baffled and UNABLE to COPE with INSTALL Win 8 new computer

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    Moderator:You may ignore this if you must. I do not mean it to be derogatory.

    Purchased a new HP ENVY for my daughter (36). Respectfully, after 5 hours I am NOWHERE. Purchased an 800+ page book and began reading. Can not add myself as an ADMISTRATOR among many other things. I do not social media, face book, tweet, instant message, nor Skype. My daughter uses only face book. The TILES are useless and MADDENING.

    Local repair shop has ordered Windows 7 Professional which he will install with proper drivers.

    I was on computers in 1968, well before laptops. I have been through MS 1,2,3,3.3 Windows 95,98,XP and 7. I have given up on Windows 8 for the time being.

    Someone please send me an email when and if Window 8 is changed back to something near Windows 7 or XP. This is the first time I have failed at something. I decided to share it.
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    Before you went to suck extremes....There are several programs that put the start button back so you get the look and feel of windows 7 but with all the benefits of windows 8. It's called Classic Shell.

    Welcome to Classic Shell

    Youtube also has some great videos on how to interact and use windows 8.

    I personally use Stardocks versions, Start8 and MordernMix...not free but at $5 can't be eat.

    Stardock Corporation - Products
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    Besides the programs Bassfisher mentioned there are tutorials here on how to customize and make it more like windows 7.

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