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Again, this would be banning due to rules created on the spot... we have a provision to do this but we allow for a dispute resolution process. We use the infraction system to prevent arbitrary banning. It just does not happen. As for IP banning, I cannot reveal the databases we use to stop spam bots, but we do use extensive automated IP banning to prevent spam bots from reaching past the registration point. As far as what is going on with that guy... let's just say if you're digging a hole you should probably stop digging. That's all I have to say on the subject. My relationship with him started in good faith and ended in getting absolutely swindled by him. It is the Internet, however, and it is the wild west... We must try to maintain some level of professionalism and order. We have no responsibility for that site or the site it is referring to.

Andrea Borman

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Well I found out about that thread on Sysnative Forums because one of my Facebook friends told me. He said,"Andrea look at this other people have been banned from Seven Forums." And that's how I found Sysnative forums.

And no, I was not referring to your swindle,I was referring to fact that Seven Forums are very strict. And are very selective about who they have as members. And it seems that anybody who does not fit the picture gets banned from the forum.

And so I am not really surprised that Seven Forums banned me. If the admin or a moderator saw my videos about my ban from another forum. And me talking about how stupid some of their rules are. I don't think they liked it. They probably thought"she is a problem,we don't want her on this forum." That is ban me,and they did do. But that is just a guess as I never got an answer from them as to why I was banned. Apart from that horrible ban message-Persona non grata. Andrea Borman.

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