Windows 7 Bart De Smet: MinLINQ - The Essence of LINQ

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    As you must know by now, Erk Meijer and team spend time thinking about and discovering the Essence in things. One year ago today, Bart De Smet blogged about the notion of a core set of LINQ operators, MinLINQ, the essence of LINQ.

    "Hey Bart, what is MinLINQ, exactly?"

    "MinLINQ is an implementation of the LINQ to Objects Standard Query Operators using a function-oriented layered approach. Based on three essential operators called Ana, Bind and Cata, others are implemented. While the current implementation focuses on IEnumerable exclusively, the same layering can be used to a dual IObservable implementation."

    Sit back, relax and jump into the layered functional rabbit hole where we meet some interesting characters named Ana, Bind and Cata. It's all about the essence, Alice.

    Happy New Year!



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