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Bart De Smet is back and he's going to go deep into improvements made to Rx 2.0 RC (so, Rx 2.0 getting close to coming out of the oven!). As you'd expect, Bart and company have been very busy since Rx 2.0 Beta - lots of performance and reliability improvements and some heavy work in how Rx manages time, new error handling capabilities and event subscription improvements for Rx running on WinRT.
Most of the time is spent at the whiteboard - very comfortable and natural place for Bart!
Note: there is a lot of time in this interview, both in terms of interview length and the notion of time itself. Use at your own risk and watch out for unexpected wormholes.
More on Rx 2.0 RC:
This new release of Rx includes a number of improvements to the way we deal with time. As you likely know, dealing with time is a complex undertaking in general, especially when computers are involved. Rx has a lot of temporal query operators to perform event processing, and therefore it needs to be able to schedule work to happen at particular times. As a result, notions of time exist in virtually any layer of the system: from the schedulers at the bottom (in System.Reactive.Core) to the query operators at the top (in System.Reactive.Linq). [Bart De Smet]