battery problem?


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I have a laptop. i install windows7 in it. aafter insatlling it .

my PC is turning off when i try to running on battery.

a blank screen displays and then turning off.

how can i correcti it?

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I have this same issue. Battery was fine with Vista, then just after installing W7 the battery started to not charge.
Any ideas ?


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Hey guys. I need a hand on this really strange problem.

I own a Sony Vaio VGN-TT11XN and I can see this weird problem while it charges.

Everytime I start charging it all goes good. The percentage goes up in a normal speed and the time to fully charge that it shows when I pass the mouse over bar is completely logic.

The problem starts to happen when the battery reaches 79%. When I pass the mouse over bar this message appears: 79% , connected , not charging.
What am i going to do?

Thank you


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Hi Papakp,

I had the same problem with an acer Laptop that I was given with Windows 7 Ultimate on it, but it would only get to about 27%. The problem was solved after I bought a new battery for it.




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Thank you Basher. i will do the same thing you did , i will buy a new battery. Thank you.

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