Windows 7 Battlefield 2 frame rates??

I have got BF2 to install and play on any server. However after about 45 to 60 minutes game play gets real choppy. Like the frame rate has dropped badly. In windows xp my rig will run anything, ATI 4870 video card. Anyone having else having issues? I have went back to xp for now, but would rather use se7en.


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Hi and welcome to the forum...:)

I found a BF2 optimisation guide which may help.... if not post back..:)

Battlefield 2 Optimization Guide


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Ventilation on the rig is good i take it? often the downfall of any decent rig is the neglect of heat dissapation and ventilation.

So Battlefield 2 works on Windows 7 ?


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Installed and fully tested online (for about 6 hours) with patch 1.50, the only thing i noticed was the occasional (by that i mean maybe once per hour) "connection timeout" which was often at the very end of a round when changing maps, otherwise the game runs absolutely perfectly totally maxed out all settings in 1680x1050.

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