Windows 8 Battlefield 4


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Feb 7, 2009
Can't wait for the newest addition to the franchise from DICE :applause:


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Yeah the 'fishing in Baku' looks very realistic. Never bothered with the Battlefield games as I usually like my FPS to have elements of the unreal but this looks sooo good I may just have to splash the cash as they say.. :)

I'm more about complexity and realism I guess, although as a general rule I like FPS. Battlefield is great in comparison to CoD for example because its an entirely team play oriented game, not just run around small maps shooting people.

cant wait to get a PC built for this game!

I agree....I may get this as well...looks freaking awesome.

Nope...I haven't played any of the BF series....

the responses are good the new game is catching up... so all set to have it get downloaded to my PC . though I've never played the game and have just listen and seen it through screen shots or on my friends laptop .. but this time it's my turn to have a play pleasure out of it..

Multiplayer as shown for the first time at E3 last week.

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