Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Update Fixes Console Lag


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After months of complaints, EA and DICE have finally released a patch for the PS3 and Xbox 360 Bad Company 2 servers.

The update is "optional" but required to play online.
Approximate download size is 450 MB. This is the second multiplayer update to be rolled out in just over a week, finally delivering all newly announced fixes and tweaks.

The most noticeable among changes in this release:
  • Added "ability" to friendly fire vehicles in Hardcore mode.
  • Lag fix

I love Bad Company 2, and ever since it's full release in March, I've found myself getting frustrated almost every round, not only because my team usually sucks and my clan and I are always the only ones actually doing anything, but also because of rubber banding and other problems caused by the lag. I'd estimate the latency to a server to be an average 350 ms. It was impossible to walk out a door without getting stuck to a wall.

I'm glad they've finally fixed the problem, and I must say the servers are now mint.
The Battlefield Blog (Battlefield Blog) now has a new community manager, who actually informs us "soldiers" of what's going on "behind the front lines", about time EA hires someone to inform us.

Feel free to challenge our clan on Xbox 360 ;)
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