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Hello all,

Ever wonder why your new SSD doesn't meet your benckmarking expectations when using tools like AS SSD and/or Crystal Disk Mark? Well, there are two reasons why this might happen. First and foremost, those programs' benchmarking algorithms are not clearly defined (eg, understood) and secondly, they both use highly "uncompressible" data when executing their test suites.

Case in point, I have a 60GB Patriot SSD. Now, the manufacturer claims this little (cheapo) SSD can reach read speeds up to 520 MB/s and write speeds up to 490 MB/s so now I decide to test for those maximums using Crystal Disk Mark:

Crystal Disk Benckmark Image.jpg

The above benchmark would initially indicate that I have a lousy SSD; however, it seems to be really fast and my WEI is a respectable 8.1 so what could be wrong? ANSWER: The above benckmarking tool is not designed for SSD testing so use one that is!

So, I do some research and find ATTO SSD Benchmark and that is designed (specifically) for SSD testing so let's have a look at my results using this new benckmarking tool:

ATTO Benchmark Results.jpg

Now, that's more like it! This benckmark tool clearly identifies it's testing algorithms and clearly indicates that my SSD is performing to the manufacturer's specifications when maximum transfer speeds are necessary. Caution, there are some that feel the ATTO Benchmark Tool places a "torture test" on you SSD but isn't that actually necessary to test your maximum read/write speeds?

Anyway, I strongly recommend using the ATTO Benchmarking Tool to do all of your SSD benckmarking and you can download it here if you would like to take it for a test drive:

ATTO Disk Benchmark Download - Softpedia

Happy benchmarking!