Beta Release Problems

With the final release approaching in a few days, I'm wondering if it's a good idea to remove the old unanswered questions about the beta versions? Some of those problems were probably fixed or it's just time to move on. When we sort for questions without replies / solutions most are several months old.

Maybe there is a date+ replies sort feature I haven't noticed.


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I have been pondering over that question in this and other sites. It is a tricky and personal subject.

In a perfect Windows 7 forum, we would only be dealing with the latest release, so that helpers can speak with more authority and associated knowledge with the OS in question. That perfection is not about to happen. There are numerous requests, also here for example, for computer details, before help is offered. By the same token, it is becoming important to know what release we are dealing with. Axiomatically, early builds were buggy. In the vast majority of cases, the use of, and reference to them on these sites, were irrelevant, as the clearance of the bugs was constantly ongoing.
It is often easy to spot if a member is using such a build, but sometimes, after a drawn out thread, it is not so transparent. I normally, right or wrong, ignore help requests for older builds, but I am sure the help is still forthcoming from others.

To ask members to say what build they are using (or even put it in their CP's) would be impertinent, however important.
But, ref you OP, how would you define, appropos my words, which questions have remained unanswered? It would need an astronomical amount of searching on the part of the Administrator or moderators. Perhaps, as you suggest, a cut-off period could be applied, now, but on a temporary basis. Keeping in mind that the RC is still being used, quite legally, for some months yet, maybe a cutoff period from before that was released would be appropriate?
It would be interesting to read the views of moderators and the more prolific posters.

I was mainly focused on unanswered questions about beta versions. When I sort by "replies" just about all the questions that had 0 replies were dealing with beta versions.

It would be a very good idea to have some posting (for help) guidelines to reduce the number of requests for more info. Here is what I've come up with ... it's a work in progress and needs more imput.

It will improve your chance of getting accurate help if you provide the following information:

Click "start" and type and enter "info" and let us know your version and build.
1. 32 or 64 bit version ? - Under "system type" x64 or x86 (x86 is the 32 bit version)
2. 7600 or earlier version ? - Under "version/build"
3. Clean install or upgrade?
4. Was it working then it broke?
5. If it was working, did it break after installing drivers or software? Be specific.
6. Are there any yellow flags when you click "Start" and type and enter "control" ?
7. Are there any "Critical" errors logged when you click "Start" and tpe and enter "ev" and
look at the Administrator logs under "Custom Views" ?
8. Do you have your registry backed up? Restoring a working registry or rolling back
to a working restore point is OFTEN the most reliable fix. It could save you a lot of time
describing the problem you want to fix.

A few known problems:
Can't use YouTube and other online media. There are no Flash player or Searchlight
addons for the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer.
Fix: Use the 32 bit version of IE under \program files (x86)

Webpages won't open from links on websites.
Fix: IE security level too high. Links on webpages are considered popups and blocked.

Internet connection drops or won't connect after bootup or reboot.
Fix: Reboot your ROUTER.

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