Windows 7 Big registry problem !!!!!


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I installed CCleaner on Windows 7 and did registry cleanup.
I thought this would make it run smoothier but all i achieved was all dialogue windows' buttons had no text on them ! So i thought system restore could handle that and I ran the only restore point I had... Even worse... buttons work now but I am completely unable to use minimise-maximize-close buttons, I can't resize them... They are there, but when i click them nothing happens... I have to quit apps with alt+f4 or taskbar-right click-close...
I know the solution would be to load the original windows 7 registry over my current registry and then it would be like new... I installed windows with mounted iso through win XP so I can't use disc to reinstall it and I also don't want to reinstall it just because of registry... Now, the question: Does anyone where I could download complete windows 7 regirsty for build 7000?

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unless the person who uploaded it had the exact same system configuration as you, and even then i dont think it would work.

take it on the chin, backup anything you want to keep and start over.

theres a post on these forums about programs you shouldnt use, i suggest you find it and add your story to it.