Windows 7 blue screen of death IRL not equal and memory _management


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Jul 3, 2013
Hi all well im new here i need some help with this its driving me insane i dont know how to resolve this but here is a few images i gyazoed to show you guys 275e67e350b2e62f3970ee45aebecf28.png they are screen captures of my pcs activity f3829b51e90345019d6e8b8c87a81a63.png 89d5d48cad2296246b5a5cf04e265e8d.png

ok i keep getting blue screen of death at random while using chrome or video style things youtube or twitch tv aka flash i disabled hardware acceleration less strain still happens i downloaded cpu z as i read on another thread to do the same
Many thanks for your effort to give information. But, do you have the dump files? Should be in C:\Windows\Minidump
ok i will well ive gone back to 32 bit for now because the BSODS was becoming way too frequent! to the point where i think the os wouldnt boot up or damage my pc in a bad way so if being on 32 bit does it il link the memory dump files here. which 32 bit for some odd reason is always mostly stable
its pretty similar error that oi am facing in my laptop i dont know there is a glitch in my window or my device but i am asking to you guys and need help if some body knows about it then help me to find the error
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