Bluetooth is nor working and Bluetooth icon is missing from control panel, Help needed please

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by techno 2, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Jun 14, 2010
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    I have Windows 7 installed on a Compaq laptop and my Bluetooth was working before I resize my C partition.
    Now I reinstalled my Iogear GBU221 driver and windows reported that all drivers installed and I can use my adapter. But in reality the BT icon is not available in the control panel, and my computer is not getting connected to any Bluetooth device I have.
    When clicking the Bluetooth icon in task bar, it starts looking for BT devices on the control panel and stays there for ever.
    I used Registry booster to fix my computer but it did not help.

    Can someone help me please
  2. bassfisher6522

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    Aug 27, 2008
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    Try a system restore to restore it to a date before you resized your drive.

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