Windows 7 Brain Fart

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May 23, 2009
I have had a brain fart, and need someone to remind me how to allow a program to run, without having to tell UAC to allow it every time.
I did it, one time but now that I have reinstalled, I just can't remember. When I find out, I will go DUH!!!
you could of just used a search engine?????????????

now for the DUH

User Accounts <------------------:eek:

Sorry I am just really bored
The bored member means open the user accounts - Over on the left is "Change User Account Control Settings"
There you can turn down the activity level (To nothing if you wish).
I told you, however it seems that when I did that, there were some things that did not want to run.

And if Gazza is that bored, I'm sure I can find something for them to do! lol
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Hunting in the dark a little here. What exactly are you having the problem with (If you still are!)
Have you tried right clicking the troublesome programs and running in compatibility mode?
Any program that is not a microsoft program, evokes the dreaded "Do you want to allow this program access to your computer?".
It's not that I am having trouble, I am just tired of having allow every single program every time. Yet if you turn off UAC then there are some more indepth things that you can not do without turning it back on. (It's been a while, I don't remember exactly what). I guess it's a trade-off.
I believe that is coming from Windows Defender. I have always had it disabled in Servces , but a user can pop in here and tell you how to stop that message, which is certainly possible. You could also open it from the Control Panel and habve a go yourself. I think you will find it under "Options"
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