Windows 7 Broken Sword games


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Well, I thought I'd try the old Broken Sword games again, for the pure nostalgic fun of it...

Everything went well at first, Shadow of the Templars (BS1) and The Smoking Mirror (BS2) are working fine in ScummVM. Broken Sword 2.5 installed without a hitch and runs perfectly fine as well. But then I got to The Sleeping Dragon (BS3) and things went horribly wrong.. The original cd took minutes for the autorun to get recognized and the setup to get started, and so far during several installs the setup breaks off with an error message of being unable to continue setup, and in some cases it even caused several programs to lock up and my system to stop responding to most commands. Some things still worked, but I was unable to end any processes and was forced to reboot. After a couple of tries with Compatibility modes, it all just came down to the same result.

After having so many problems with the disc and setup I tried ripping an iso and using UltraISO's virtual drive to give the install a try, since from what I read Daemon Tools causes severe instability as well, and i had UltraISO installed, so it was the next best thing. But I couldn't even get as far as the setup screen anymore and the system got even more unstable. With a downloaded iso as well. I tried unpacking the iso and installing from just the files, but then I get a few WinRAR processes strangely enough which lock up everything. So, unfortunately the same issues that plagued this game in Vista persisted through Win7. It was to be expected, but it was worth a try to get it work.

And so, after much ado and a lot of trying, the only ways I've found that it'll work is:
1 - if you install it in XP and crack it and then copy the files over to Win7.
2 - buying it off for $5.99 where it's DRM free

Oh, and Angel of Death (BS4) also installs and plays just fine, without any real problems.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to play any of the Broken Sword games again.
Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with the forum. It would be useful to know if anyone else has had any similar thoughts on this game.!!!!!!!
I've just tried to load my old Broken Sword I & II cd onto a computer with Windows 7 and it initially told me I was missing a dll file, so I downloaded that (and rebooted my computer). I get to the point where I ask it to install Broken Sword I and it asks me if I want to view the Readme file first, I said no, and it did nothing, although the disc sounded like it was being read and the light on the drive was flashing. I ejected the disc, went through the same process and tried telling it to view the Readme file, but the same thing happened.
Should I leave it longer than a couple of minutes to start loading as it has done on previous versions of Windows, or give up? I like the game and it's so cheap now. Is it worth me buying another copy or will I experience the same problems?