BSOD 0x00000124 when running F@H SMP

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HI, I just recently encountered this 124 a lot when running fah smp client (cpu stays full load)
my cpu was overclocked at 4GHZ, it's a i7-860
passed every burning test, including hyper pi 32m, Linx
it's just when run this smp over few hours, this bsod occurs.

will someone please help me,
I just want to know if it's cpu's problem or my nv video card (or driver)
because I googled it, some says 124 also could be caused by video card,
so all I need to know is which one has the problem, cpu or video card.
thank you.


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From the bsod it looks cpu related you could try lowering your overclock or upping the vcore\VccIO volts alittle. It's hard to really tell with just one dmp file. One thing you should do though is either enable xmp in the bios or set your memories command rate to 2 and ddr voltage to 1.650v

thank you,
for the memory the only difference between xmp and mine is the command rate,
I've been using this setting for a long time,
if wasn't this SMP, I couldn't even remember last time I saw a BSOD

I was just afraid if it's not my CPU's problem, thx

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