Windows 8 BSOD 0xc0000001 or 0xc000000f on Boot


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Hey guys,

Yesterday I was using my computer, just browsing the Internet etc, and all programs crashed.
When trying to relaunch Chrome I got a message saying the file cannot be found, I could not open Windows Explorer either. I tried to shutdown but the whole computer froze for about 5 minutes, so I held in the power button and killed it.

On reboot I get a blue screen saying 'Your PC needs to be repaired. A required device isn't connected or cannot be accessed.' The error code is always either 0xc000000f or 0xc0000001.
When booting to my Windows 8 install disc I get the Windows logo for a couple of minutes then the loading swirl, then a BSOD that flashes up to fast for me to read, and the computer restarts.

The system is under a year old so a hardware failure seems unlikely to me.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Hi Ryan,

is it possible for you to boot into Windows at all? If not, try changing the boot order via the bios so that Cd/DVD is first. Try to boot from your windows 8 disk (I know you mentioned about using your disk above but not if you changed boot order) once you get to the installation screen choose Repair instead.
If you can get into windows then you could try clicking on change pc settings via the Charm 'Settings' and then check under 'General' for 'Advanced Start-up'. You'll then be able to try system restore ect..

Failing that check this thread out and post the results (if you can get into the machine of course):
Hey kemical

No I cannot get into windows at all, I get the errors mentioned above on boot and then have to restart.
I changed CD to boot option one, and waited for a couple of minutes. Then I get 'Your PC ran into a problem...', so I never see the installation screen.
When you boot from the installation disk you will see 'press any key to boot from CD' (or something like that) did you press the key? Watch the boot screen carefully after booting and after the first or second screen you'll see the above pop up. Press any key and you'll see the Windows 8 logo appear. You'll then know the installation is starting.
Yes, I press a button when prompted. Then I see the windows logo for a couple of minutes, loading, then 'Your PC ran into a problem...'.
You could be looking at a hard drive issue and if the machine is still under warranty I'd take it back.
Well I built the machine, but the HDD is still in warranty. I'm going to remove the hard drive and install it in another machine, then run Hdtune and see what the results are.
Right, so it is now installed in another Windows 8 PC. Windows is now prompting me to restart to repair drive, should I do this?
Hdtune says everything is good. I tried the repair and that didn't help. However, I can now boot to the disc, repair is not working, refresh is failing as well. It seems my only option is to format. Any ideas before I go for it?
Whilst it's still in the other machine try running a chkdsk. Right click on the drive, choose properties, Tools and then error checking. It might say a run isn't needed but run it anyway.
Just ran it - no errors found. My files are now backed up, so I'm going to format and go back to windows 7 for a bit. Maybe I'll upgrade again when 8.1 is released.
Hi Ryan,

if your still interested please post your full system specification and if the system was fully updated bios and driver wise.