Windows 7 BSOD during Hibernation


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Jan 17, 2013

I have a HP ProBook 4440s with Windows 7 Professional x64.

I have been facing BSODs while hibernating from yesterday. When I hibernate, the screen turns off but the lights from the power button and wifi buttons don't go off. But it turns off after a long time. When I start laptop again, there is a start windows normally screen. After starting it shows that windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown error window. The event is shown to have the name Blue Screen.

I have fully updated with all important updates. I have installed no software between when laptop was working perfectly and when it started giving problems. I has tried to install a desktop gadget (Digital0clock0Bad0G.I.Joe001.0.1.4.gadget) but its setup got stuck in the initialization process and I forced it close from the task manager. and didn't try to install again.

I have attached the dump file. Hope my problem gets fixed.

View attachment Minidump.rar
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