BSOD everyday 1st bootup

Hello, I hope I can get some help here..

I'm using Acer Aspire 4937G laptop(1 yr old) and since day 1, I'm having this BSOD everytime during the 1st bootup of the day...

I went to Acer Service Center and they keep saying is due to my software/application issue.. OK, and so what i did is I reformat everything 2 days ago and now my latop is on fresh installation of win7. I only install Microsoft Office 2007 and FireFox.. But i still having this BSOD..

Here is my minidump..

Pls advice.. thank you very much..


Hello and welcome.

1) Update the Razer driver or completely remove the Razer hardware from the system. They are notoriously bad for crashing Windows 7, even with new drivers:

Razerlow Razerlow.sys Mon Nov 07 01:33:11 2005

2) The Swipe Sensor driver must be updated from Acer's site:

ATSwpWDF ATSwpWDF.sys Fri Jun 26 16:08:01 2009

And so too for this Enecir IR driver:

enecir enecir.sys Wed May 20 02:08:57 2009

And so too for the modem drivers:

VSTCNXT6 VSTCNXT6.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:52:22 2008
VSTAZL6 VSTAZL6.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:53:42 2008
VSTDPV6 VSTDPV6.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:57:45 2008

And so too for the J-Micron Flash Media Controller driver:

jmcr jmcr.sys Mon Jul 20 07:39:02 2009

And so too for the HuaWei drivers:

ewusbmdm ewusbmdm.sys Mon Jun 22 07:38:32 2009
ewusbdev ewusbdev.sys Mon Jun 22 07:26:37 2009

3) Update the Realtek HD Audio driver from here:

RTKVHD64 RTKVHD64.sys Tue Jul 28 09:00:05 2009


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