Windows 7 BSOD frequently - Crashses during hibernation??


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Jul 11, 2013
Alright, I would really appreciate any help in resolving this - Laptop is crashing frequently, I was thinking originally that it was driver related as it is my work laptop, but I am beginning to think that it may be a hardware issue?

Tried uploading my dump file but the laptop is saying no permissions even when I have full permissions to the below is the culprit as far as I can tell that keeps causing my crashes....

FilenameAddress In StackFrom AddressTo AddressSizeTime StampTime StringProduct NameFile DescriptionFile VersionCompanyFull Path

[TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]ntoskrnl.exe[/TD]
[TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]ntoskrnl.exe+c0728[/TD]
[TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]fffff800`02c1c000[/TD]
[TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]fffff800`03202000[/TD]
[TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]0x005e6000[/TD]
[TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]0x5147d9c6[/TD]
[TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]3/18/2013 8:21:42 PM[/TD]
[TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]Microsoft® Windows® Operating System[/TD]
[TD="bgcolor: #FFFFFF"]NT Kernel & System[/TD]

Hardware or software??

Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis: Link Removed

If you can't upload here, upload to a free file hosting service and post a link to it here.

We can't tell anything significant from the info that you've provided. ntoskrnl.exe is the kernel (core) of the Operating System. If the BSOD was actually caused by a problem with ntosknl.exe - you'd be having many more problems than just the occasional BSOD. This is most likely a 3rd party (non-Windows) driver that's causing problems in the memory space that ntoskrnl.exe uses.

Just FYI - here's how I do BSOD analysis':
- first I rule out 3rd party drivers (over 90% of BSOD's are due to this)
- then I rule out hardware (less than 10% of BSOD's are due to this)
- then I look at Windows problems (less than 1% of BSOD's are due to this - as long as Windows Updates are fully up to date).