BSOD happening about weekly for months

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    Around the new year, I installed new RAM. Ever since, I have been getting BSOD at various times. I ran memtest86 and it came back clean. Unfortunately I left the old RAM a few thousand miles away so I can't test it with that. I also started playing a couple of more graphics intensive games (Star Trek Online and BFBC2) around that same time. At first, the BSOD would only occur during gameplay. Lately, the games have been running better but I get random blue screens while web browsing about once a week. The ones during games usually said atimpag.sys or dxgmms.sys. The ones during browsing usually say ntfs.sys or fltmgr.sys. ntoskrnl.exe seems to occur with both. I've attached a file with the dmps and some screen shots of cpuz. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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