Bsod help

Hi everyone, I have had several bsods over the past few days and I cant not seem to figure them out, i reinstalled windows 7 and still nothing. My last bsod was a quota_underflow and it happened when i closed a browser window.

The other bsod I have been receiving are system service exception. I have ran memtest with no errors, and prime as well. currently have no overclock.

rig is as follows:

patriot viper 2
earthwatts 500
xfx 5870
msi 790gx-g65
xonar dx
Cav blue hd

thank you for any and all help.


Ok, I downloaded and repaired the driver.

Here are the cpu-z shots.


You posted the wrong tab.

Sorry here you go.


Go in the bios and change your VDIMM (memory voltage) to 1.8V from 1.5V to support your huge overclock. Must also set the command rate to 2T, from 1T. Save.

If you have an i7 or similar DO NOT do this and let me know instead.

Ok, also I previously had the voltage set to that as well, before I reinstalled everything. My ram sticks say they run at 7-7-7-20, even the sticker on each individual stick of ram, would that be considered a overclock?

You memory is intended to run at only 533 MHz. (Not 800 like it is it can work.)

You need that increased voltage to stand any chance at the overclock you have. If it's set to 1.8V, then good.

Then, you also must set the command rate to 2T. It is impossible with 1T. So make that change and save.

(7-7-7-20 is good for any frequency, so leave that alone.)

Ok, so im really confused, sorry lol.

But running my ram at the default 533 will yield me the 1600 right, and if so what would running the 800 yield me?

I went back and reset everything to optimal defaults. Here are the current pics.


Good job. All is well. Enjoy.

Ok, thank you very much for the help. But I have a question, running my ram at 533 gets me the 1600mhz right, and is that because ddr3 is x3? so like 533x3 equals 1600?

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