BSOD reinstalled Windows now it's weird!

I reinstalled Windows 7 because my computer wouldn't turn on because of a BSOD, now everythings weird on my computer, the fonts weird, and my icons are really big, it's like the resolution is off but its not.

Also it says my GFX card isn't good enough to run things it used to run before? So what should I do.. heres a screenshot on how my icons and stuff look:

Joe S

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Try updating the drivers for your video card. Mine looked kind of like that when my video card went bad. Use the video card maker's site for the driver if possible. Another possibility is the wrong resolution setting for your monitor or possibly it's driver.


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You should have settings for your GFX card - check them. It's quite possible that your BSOD was due to your video card, if problems continue, please give the dump files(s), you can find them with a simple search for "dmp" in C.

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