BSOD running anything graphics-based while connected to uni network

Hi everyone,

This BSOD occurs when I'm connected via ethernet to my university's residence network, however I seem to be the only one with this problem and their tech support is lacking, so I was hoping you could help.

Both of my Dell W7 x64 comps crash when trying to play both online and saved videos or games while connected to the network. However, both comps are fine when connected to the wireless (unavailable from my residence) and my home networks. Likewise, no crashes occur when the uni population is reduced due to exams, which suggests to me it is a network traffic issue.

Win7 Home Premium 64 bit
Hardware/OS approx. 6 months old

Win7 Professional 64 bit
Original OS was Vista
Hardware approx. 3 years old
OS approx. 1 year old

All of the attachments (CPU, memory, minidump) are for the laptop only. Will post desktop info later if necessary.

Thank you in advance!



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Your minidump is showing a 0x7f stop error.
Often related to Zone Alarm Firewall. Uninstall and try the Windows Firewall.

This driver looks reasonably old.

k57nd60a.sys Sun Jun 07 08:36:34 2009

which has something to do with ethernet Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet Network Driver

Other drivers may need updating.

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I disabled the Zonealarm firewall as a test before uninstalling the whole program and enabled the Windows firewall, and it's looking good so far! No crashes with videos (they were almost instantaneous) and I can connect to Steam (which was another symptom of the issue) I'll still update the drivers to be on the safe side, but thanks a lot!


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Glad to have helped a wee bit.

When you uninstall Zone Alarm, GoTo C:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder and if vsdatant.sys is still there, re-name it vsdatant.old or get rid, or, re-name it vsdatant.old wait a couple of days, then get rid.

You may yet have other issues so re-post new minidumps as reqd.

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