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I recently had a mass run of BSOD's. Not anymore. Or should I say they have been gone for a few days now. Thanks everyone for your kind words and help here. For me, I guess I probably lay most of the blame on software. Whatever, I am no longer running under Windows 7 seems to me to be the culprit. I also decided to divide the system between Windows 7 and Vista. No problems with either. I also used registery cleaners a lot less recently. That one in particular can come to bite you. Registery cleaners seem to take more out than is actually needed at the time. So be careful with that one. The obvious to that is if it tells you you have 1 thousand errors I would be very skeptical about that.

One thing I have not found a correction to yet, is what to use to monitor system stats. Memory processor, and so on. My eyesight is not that great, so most all of the gadgets from Windows Live do not really work for me. Suggestions? Thanks and you all have a great day.

Thank you for the feedback. Indeed, registry must be handled very carefully.


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I'm trying to think of a monitor with a good clear guide.. Which motherboard do you use again Lorenkjr?


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It's an HP made by Foxconn. Appreciate it since widgets and gadgets are really hard to read. Thanks my good friend.

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