BT Broadband must be training noobs


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Jun 3, 2009
Just had a laugh at BT's expense, they rang me trying to flog me BT-broadband... they tried to tell me the max my line can support is 3.5mb, I told them outright they need to check that because on BE ISP i've had 2+ years with actual speeds of never less than 9mb, usually 10-12mb from a 24mb package.... the guy even passed me over to a so-called tech who couldn't believe it... morons trying to fleece noobs by the sound of it.

BTW I used to work for BT, as well as a reseller for 20 broadband companies... so to put noobs on live calls without training is not a good sign, because I was trained up long before let loose on call centre when I worked at BT.

which ISP are you with Highwayman?

kemical;bt577 said:
which ISP are you with Highwayman?

I'm with "BE" which is a sister company of O2.

Unfortunately I'm with BT but it serves for now.. I've not heard of 'BE', any good?

Yea, although they tend to have issues with their own DNS servers with the routers they supply (I did until I bought a better one), but if like me you simple change your DNS, then yea they are very good.

BT are the most expensive ISP out there. One of my friends is paying about £50 a month for unlimited calls and broadband. But that does not cover you for the 0300 or 0844 numbers. So you have to pay extra for those and your bill could be as much as £60. Way to much methinks. Another think they don't tell you is that one charge is for your phone, the other is for your broadband. It's not home phone and broadband but many ISP don't tell you that until after you have signed up.

One way I found to lower my phone bill was to get rid of my home phone and in my case I went with Ooma an internet phone I guess that gives me everything from unlimited calls and a answering machine. The difference in price was tremendous. No more $40 phone bills. I now pay only $3.82 since a month without loosing anything that my home phone offered. There are many options one can find to fit there phone needs out there.

I did work for EA for a while, and the crazy thing about it was the training. Completely false information was being taught as correct. I couldn't believe it, I went home from training every day with a headache lOl. It's not to be blamed 100% on the worker, I mean, the company could be at blame too.