Windows 7 Build 7048 What is its TRUE status. AFAIK it IS genuine

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Hi guys.
What is the REAL true status of build 7048. Reading some of the various rumours apparently Microsoft hasn't even STARTED on 7048.

Now if it's a FAKE it's got to be a really good one -- I doubt whether any even experienced hacker could integrate the proper final version if IE8 into the build plus a few other documented changes in build 7048 -- and in any case what would be the point.

"Cloning" a previous build and labelling it 7048 is another matter but there are significant differenced between 7000, 7022 and 7042 to discount this possibility. People also get wise to that one very quickly.

AFAIK it IS genuine.

(This post refers to the 64 bit versions only -- haven't tried the leaked 7022 / 7048 32 bit builds so I can't say).



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Ugh. It's genuine. 100% Farm grown Windows 7.
The last thing we need is another Windows 7 7048 fake or not thread....



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AGREED Kyle.. I'm quite sick of these types of threads also...

Well Jimbo45, if you read the article from Tom Thurrot's site regarding build 7048 you'd see that it is indeed a real build.. ;) As far as where you got it from, I wouldn't have a clue if that is the real build or not.. but hey, that's the risk ya take when you get stuff from those sources.. ;)

The article from Tom Thurrot is here:

There's also an article from ZDnet discussing build 7048... so I really don't think it's a fake at this point in time, so let's just GIVE IT UP... ;)

First look at Windows 7 build 7048 | Hardware 2.0 |
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