Windows 7 Building on Azure: InterGrid/Green Button


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InterGrid provides its customers with on demand bursts of power for complex, intensive computing processes using the Windows Azure platform. Primary industries served include biotechnology, financial modeling, digital media, oil and gas, and design and manufacturing. Common usage scenarios entail the rendering of visually rich imagery, such as an automobile prototype, genetic DNA strand sequencing, animated 3-D movie frames, etc. Before the cloud, a typical process could take days to complete, and now can be finalized in a matter of minutes, representing a dramatic time and cost savings passed on to customers. The company has created an API called GreenButton to embed in third party software applications, for customers to take advantage of the service. GreenButton uses a patented Job Prediction algorithm to present the user with time and cost alternatives for running their job. They have just released the GreenButton SDK allowing ISVs and developers to embed the GreenButton API in their own applications enabling fast and easy access to cloud-computing resources. InterGrid/GreenButton Senior Developer, Peter Soukalopoulos explains.


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