Windows 7 C9 Lectures: Stephan T Lavavej - Advanced STL, 5 of n

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    There are two STLs: the Standard Template Library and Stephan T. Lavavej [​IMG]
    Advanced STL covers the gory details of the STL's implementation -> you will therefore need to be versed in the basics of STL, competent in C++ (of course), and be able to pay attention! Stephan is a great teacher and we are so happy to have him on Channel 9—the only place you'll find this level of technical detail regarding the internals of the STL. There are no books. There are no websites. This is Stephan taking us into what is uncharted territory for most, even those with a more advanced STL skill set.

    In this 5th part of the n-part series, STL digs into the Boost Library ( In his words, it's an open source, super quality, community-driven STL++. Stephan will walk you through a sample application from end to end, using boost.

    See Part 1 -> shared_ptr and friends

    See Part 2 -> Algorithm optimization
    See Part 3 -> STL's comprehensive correctness checks
    See Part 4 -> rvalue references, perfect forwarding, associative containers

    Watch STL's great introductory series on the STL


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