Can I delete these folders?


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So I decided to do some cleaning in my PC. But one thing that has been bothering me a long time and was afraid to delete them, are some folders with long names containing random numbers and letters on my Local Disk. Examples:

There are 9 of them, 8 having a lock icon on them.

One ,from this year, has no lock icon and is empty. Date modified: 16.02.2018

7 of them contain same files:
Windows6.1-KB3138612-x86 (Cabinet file)
Windows6.1-KB3138612-x86 (XML Document)
Windows6.1-KB3138612-x86-pkgProperties (Text document)
WSUSSCAN (Cabinet file)

Another folder contains following folders:

Clicking on them gives me this message:
"You don't currently have permission to access this folder.
Click continue to permanently get access to this folder"

Clicking continue I get this message:
"You have been denied permission to access this folder.
To gain access to this folder you will need to use the security tab"

Now I want to know if these folders are safe and can be deleted!?


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These directories with long alphanumeric names on the root of the C: drive can be removed. They are windows updates that didn't self-clean up after install. You will have to take ownership of them then grant yourself full access, then delete them.

For example.

From an elevated command prompt
takeown /F C:\0e42926df47d3dd246932dc8c69d1c /R
cacls C:\0e42926df47d3dd246932dc8c69d1c /T /E /G youruser:F
rmdir /S /Q C:\0e42926df47d3dd246932dc8c69d1c

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