Windows 8 Removing contents of Favorites Bar


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Jul 5, 2022
My wife uses an old Windows 8 computer, mostly for browsing, and came to me the other day complaining that she was having issues. Internet Explorer would start and display her normal Favorites Bar contents, but then apparently was being re-directed and displaying a ton of favorites she did not want. To be clear I am not talking about the contents of a Favorites Bar folder, but the number of Favorites Bar folders being displayed.

I used to be knowledgeable about Windows computers and so she brought this to me, but I have not worked on a Windows computer since I retired a long time ago so I have been stumbling around trying to fix this problem.

The first thing I did was look for the Favorites folder on her system and copied (and renamed) it to her Documents folder, thinking that this would remove her Favorites Bar, but that did not work. I restarted IE and it still showed the same Favorites Bar as before, and when I click on the Favorites icon (the Star= icon in the upper right of IE) it shows the same Favorites (and Other Favorites) entries as before. I then rebooted her system thinking that perhaps the information was in cache somewhere, but no luck. After the reboot it still showed the same Favorites Bar. I verified that the Favorites folder was not in her folder, and it was not.

I can change the settings so that the Favorites Bar does not show, and then the re-direction does not happen, but she wants her Favorites Bar and she wants only the entries that she wants. There are literally hundreds of entries in her Favorites Bar, both as actual Favorites Bar folders and as contents of those, so manually removing them is something I would rather avoid. Is there any easy way to reset her Favorites Bar entries without deleting them? Or even with deleting them?

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