Windows 7 Can my old laptop handle Win7 64-bit?


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My old laptop (HP Pavilion dv9500) currently has Windows Vista 32-bit, and I have been using it for a couple of years. I recently upgraded the hardware to be ready for the Windows 7 installation, which I will do soon, and now it has 4gb, one 750gb 7200rpm HDD, one 250gb 5400 HDD, and an integrated graphics card and CPU (AMD Athlon x64 1.8ghz).

I was wondering if I could go for a 64-bit installation, or if I should stay with a 32-bit installation.

Also, can I overclock my CPU/Graphics Card?

If the system is only a couple of years old, it should handle a x64 install. If you knew the processor type it might help confirm. Your computer model seems to have many versions but it looks like the basic 9500 does show drivers for Vista x64.
It should be fine with the x64 OS. But you will have to do a clean install, so all your programs will have to be uninstalled.

Backup everything you can, and a backup image of the current install might be helpful in case things do not work correctly. But backup everything you can prior to the install.