can someone tell ms to make a lite version?

I would like to see windows 7 actually be all that it can be because it's been many years since ms actually put a product out that I consider to be good enough to grace my machine, I'm just saying, take off some of the stuff that aren't necessary and make it downloadable but not have it be something that gets forced down your throat because it's an ms product. I have one of them asus eee and there is not enough space for the win 7 and the rest of my junk to be on there, if say they could just cut back on the stuff that's on windows and only put essentials on there, wouldn't it reach more markets and hold more value? just a thought, I would think they'd want to sell as many as they can to as many computers that they can, I run linux on my eee because it's simply more efficient then the windows products...

Honestly, I wish Linux would get the market share that windows has, then we would see just how broken Linux can be. Where all of it's support lay, how they can be everything to everyone and make all things work without having to be a programmer and recompile the kernal when something doesn't work, or have to fix broken open source software with crappy coding and the amount of on going development of all it's open source free software that a lot of times just turns to dust in the wind.

I am not saying that windows doesn't have some of these same problems when it comes to crappy software, but they are usually easier to fix.

I am not saying linux is bad, or crap. Linux is good, has it's place in the world. But it is far from superior, especially to the masses of people who need computers. The largest majority of which just want to turn it on, install something and have it work. Which 99% of the time it does. A lot more times than not, windows problems are hardware or user related problems. You can not honestly sit there and tell anyone that that is completely 100% the case with linux. It is not. Linux requires a more technically inclined person to use. To be able to make some programs function properly.

Apples and Oranges ,,, Windows and Linux
They are 2 different things that can not truly be compared on the same level.
Both have their place and purposes.

Doing to Windows what you are asking will lead to some of the same problems.
The real problem will be, someone will buy it and then bitch and complain that nothing they want to do on it works.
The same as with Starter Edition. It is why it will be part of a limited segment. But maybe that is what you are looking for. Win 7 Starter or Basic.

Or buy a bigger HDD, or stick with Linux and quit bitching.

Very well said Tepid....use the right tool for the right job.

who says I'm bitching? all I'm saying is it could open up new market for win7 and being how much I am ENJOYING win7 right now, I would like to see it working on more platforms, windows has a f'in mobile version that is actually quite good, why can't they find a midway point between mobile and full version and call it lite? is that really bitching? it offends me to have someone like you talking like that, linux is NOT for everyone but it's much more stable and have a much more controlled os which the newer linux actually is much more user friendly, do some research try it out and then you can try saying that I'm bitching, quite frankly, it offends me to hear such things.

First off, Linux is not more stable. Due to its nature and how you compile and install everything, it attracts the type of people who can dive head-first into any instability issues it has and fix them themselves. You can do nearly the same thing with Windows, but anyone who uses windows has come to rely so heavily on GUIs that they forget it operates in a very similar way.

As stated before... Linux and Windows are definitely different beasts with a different customer base. (and yes... I use Linux. I have been using Linux for 3 years now.)

That being said (and more on subject with the first post), there are programs for XP and Vista alike that allow you to cut down on all the unwanted stuff and make your own "distro" (if thats what you want to call it) of windows. I have no reason to believe you can't find a program similar to that for W7 shortly after the public release... if you have to wait that long. There really is no reason why you couldn't put in a bit of work and time yourself and make it exactly how you want it. And you shouldn't have any issues with doing it this way, given the fact that you are a Linux user and are used to things this way anyhow.

Note: The programs for XP and Vista that I refer to are called Nlite and Vlite, respectively. You should check them out. Like I said... I'm sure they will come out with a similar tool for W7 in the near future. There is no reason to think otherwise.


I have previously installed a self edited version of windows but was a pain, all I was saying is they could just release it with less clutter and it would help them boost sales and was stating how much I would enjoy that, simply put, where I wouldn't have to put in the work to edit when windows is not made for editing therefore making it a bit more time consuming. if I seemed "bitchy" about the fact I want them to release a lite win 7 I apologize, but I was just making a statement, by no means am I saying any os is better then any other, and stability is a perspective and to me, when I set my linux to do what I want it to within my parameters, it is a hell of a lot more stable then any retail os out there, that is all!


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Hi omnivorous,

Know what you mean - but then it would be the lite version MS issued - not your own selection.

I have used vlite a lot for Vista - also for Win 7 . It is very quick and straightforward - more so than nlite, I believe.

Anyone using vlite would be advised to get v1.1.6 first ( google it, Ixquick it, Cuil it, ) then install v1.2 over the top of it . They are very small.

Yeah, I forgot to mention vLite.
And vLite does work with Win7.
On their forums are lists that are safe and not safe to unload from your distro (which I think is a fair label).

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