Cannot connect after wake up

Hey all, I am new to the forum so please excuse the lack of Vista knowledge. I am running Vista Ultimate on a T61 ThinkPad connecting wirelessly to an Asus WL-600g. Everytime my computer wakes up from standby, hibernation, or boots up from a shut down, i lose internet connection. i am able to connect to the local LAN but not the internet. what i have to do is manually disconnect and reconnect everytime in order to connect to the internet. is there a way to solve this problem. thanks in advance for all the help.


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H! Do you have the latest firmware for your Asus WL 600g ? Do you SP1 installed ? There are at least a couple of fixes in it related to your problem.


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Try this.
Open the Device Manager.
Click your network Adapter.
Right click the Adapter in use. Maybe you will only se one (I have 2, for example)
Click Properties.
Click the "Power Management" tab
UNclick the first square "Allow the computer to turn off...."
If you are able, - not always possible depending on the configuration, tick the second square."Allow this device to wake the computer"

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