Windows 10 High ping on only one computer. Disconnects, high DPC


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May 21, 2021
I have an ASUS X556UR notebook connected to a home WiFi. Everything was fine, apart from rare disconnects (computer losing router, which I thought to be signal stength/distance issue at the time).

However 2 weeks ago my internet got a lot worse. Basically now I have occasional 2-7 seconds ping in MMO games and browser, losing connection, disconnecting and losing router in the WiFi list (reappears in few seconds). Initally I thought that it's ISP fault, then router. But other notebooks and phones have no issue while my notebook does. So I realised that the problem is in my notebook.

Windows Update and Windows Defender are off.
There were no system/driver updates/configuration changes in the last 2 weeks. I literally didn't move notebook from the table.

I tried:
  • Manual disconnect/reconnect to WiFi router
  • Reboot
  • Moving notebook closer to the router
  • Updating WiFi, sound, display drivers
  • Windows 10 "Network troubleshooter"
  • Disc and RAM scan
  • Virus scan (Kaspersky)
  • WiFi adapter settings reset
What I can't try to check or use as a solution:
  • Connect to the router via cable (lack of cable)

I tried to Google and found the LatencyMon program. Here are the results. I can try to collect more info if you need it.

One: ________________________________________________________________________________ -
Two: ________________________________________________________________________________ -

Additional info: I noticed that during lag spikes my sound and mouse cursor stutter as well.

Open Task manager in full details to see what is going on...

It might DDoS.