Windows 7 Cannot copy files required for installation error


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I've done enough installs to be skeptical of install errors stating that the install cannot copy files. Mouthful? I'm doing an upgrade from Vista SP1. After about 5 minutes, I receive an error message with error code 0x80070017. Message stated files may be corrupt or missing. Before I redownload and burn a new DVD, has anybody seen this and got past it without obtaining new bits?

So I was wrong. It appears to be a bad dvd. :razz:
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ya I have a similar prob my error is 0X80070570 I get 2 8% of expanding files and this pops up :mad:
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There has been a suggestion errors such as yours are being caused by memory problems. Maybe run a check on it.

Is anyone overclocking?
Most all of us agree that an upgrade is not the route to take. It leaves useless files on your system and can cause conflicts.,. which you are experiencing now.

Save all you Documents, Pictures, contacts, videos, music, etc to a flash drive,

Be aware, you will need to re-install your 3rd party applications.
I just took the same dvd that was erroring out on the upgrade and successfully created a new install of windows 7 on virtual box VM. Unless a specific sector on the dvd specific to a driver for my vista machine is corrupted, my problem is not disk. It could be disk drive however. Memory tests came back fine.

I really don't want to search for all my software to be reinstalled plus rely on a vista backup restoring to windows 7. Talk about alot of work and risk. We are almost to the year 2010, upgrading should be alot easier these days.