Cannot find Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in my windows store apps.

Discussion in 'Windows Games' started by Jerbajerba100, Jan 1, 2016.

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    Firstly, I'm very sorry if this is not where to post this, but recently, I've bought GTA: San Andreas on my Windows Nokia Phone. Don't remember which model, but I will check and respond if anyone needs to know. Anyways, I am not very sure if this is how it even works, but I've gotten the idea that I'd be able to download the game without paying on my Toshiba Laptop(which runs Windows 8.1 currently), because I already paid for it on my phone. I would of given up by now, but when I set up the Microsoft Account I have on my phone onto my laptop's Windows Store, I've found only two games were there(In, "My apps".). Both of these games show as if I can perfectly install them onto my computer. Honestly, those are the only Xbox games I seem to have(Apart from GTA.). I bought the two games and GTA on my phone. The two games are currently under the, "Not installed on this device", category. Now the problem with GTA is, it's simply not there with them. Even worse, when I look it up in the store, it shows as if I never even bought it. I have no idea why this is. I have some speculations, it may be the way I paid for them, but I can't be sure without an experts help. Firstly, I got the 1st game(which is Hungry Shark Evolution), for free. I paid for the 2nd game via AT&T. And I paid for GTA: San Andreas with credit card information. What could be the problem? Thanks to anyone who replies helpfully!

    Note: If I fix it before I get any help, I will post, thoroughly, how I fixed my problem.
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    Yes the model matters... Microsoft store filters the list they give you by device and system so w8 will show only apps that work on w8 but there is a "my apps" list of all your stuff which should include everything even if it doesn't load on the current system.

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