Windows 7 Cannot see Vista desktop in Network


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OK, bit of a wierd one here. Build 7057.

All on same workgroup, identical user/pass on both machines. Connected via ADSL Modem Router.

From the Vista machine, I can see both the Vista machine and the Windows 7 one listed.

On the Windows 7 one, I can only see that one in Explorer. If I go to Network Control and map the network, it shows the desktop in the map but nowhere else.

If I go to the address bar and type in \\IP of desktop\ and then hit return, it shows all the shares and adds an icon in Explorer under network with the IP address of the desktop instead of its name. I have no problem accessing files in shares in both directions.

When searching for printers, it won't resolve the name of the desktop so I have to add one not listed and put the IP address of the desktop in the computer name.

Firewalls enabled/disabled makes no difference.

Any ideas?