Cannot upgrade from Vista Ultimate to Win 7

I want to upgrade a notebook running Vista Ultimate 32-bit to Windows 7 32-bit. When I try to do so, the installation gets to the compatibility check and then tells me it cannot upgrade because I will lose my Ultimate Extras. There's no option to continue, just a Close button that rolls back the installation and returns me to my old desktop. The compatibility report lists no other incompatibilities on my system. I don't care about losing the "Extras", I just want to install Windows 7 and I'd really rather not perform a clean installation on this particular system.

Has anyone else encountered this? Found a way around it?



I found the answer for myself: I ran setup and this time told it not to check for online updates. After doing this, the installation went through smoothly.

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Just want to point out that you shouldn't do an upgrade for the Win 7 RC.. A clean install is the recommended route to take.. A clean install is always a much better way to go.. not to mention it takes a fraction of the time and most times doesn't result in any errors like upgrades do.. ;)

I've done a clean install on my other machines, but I had specific reasons for needing to do an upgrade on this notebook. I know it's a no-no to upgrade from the Win 7 beta to RC1, but Microsoft specifically states that Vista SP1 -> Windows 7 RC1 is a supported upgrade path.

Yes it is supported but it can and most likely will lead to problems.. ;)

Point taken, Radenight, and that's the advice I always give everyone else! :) But having been working with this stuff (various beta operating systems) for around three decades now, I figure I'll survive.

I appreciate your feedback.

- Rose

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