Windows 8 Can't Activate my Windows 8 :|


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Feb 17, 2013
Is there other way on how to change or erase the product key ?? Having Trouble in here >_<
Here's the product key that I've used


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You best edit and delete that key as fast as you can. Otherwise you may find many users with pirated copies will have it.

P.S. Ok. forget it. I just googled and I see it is a pirated key anyway.
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1) Start Command Prompt, RIGHT Click it, and "Run as Administrator."
2) Key in the following:

slmgr.vbs -ipk ( here type in the key which you had - now deleted)
3) wait a while, maybe a few seconds or a little longer to deactivate Windows .
4)You will eventually see a pop up regarding deactivation, check and see if Windows is deactivated.
(Go to: Start> Right Click Computer> Click Properties, on the bottom it should tell you a time Limit)

You can now reactivate with your genuine key.
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