Windows 7 Can't boot windows 7 without install disk


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May 2, 2009
Hi guys, hope you help me with this issue,
I have installed windows 7 beta on another partition (primary) and I have xp installed on the active primary partition originally.

The problem is after finishing installation of windows 7, without the install disk I can't boot into os selection which I can choose between Xp or 7 to start up. Instead, it does normal xp start up straight away.

If I insert windows 7 install disk into cd drive and do restart (from xp), it will start up windows 7 but still no os selection screen :(

I suspect it's likely the cause of win 7 mbr or xp boot.ini.

Hope someone can help , that would be much appreciated
I would recommend using EasyBCD to configure the boot manager to your liking. It's a very easy to use app and is available to download free here: Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

It just sounds like a setting problem with the boot manager.. if EasyBCD doesn't help let us know and we'll see what else might work.. ;)
Thanks for you reply Radenight,

I have tried easyBCD before but unfortunately does not help in this case.

easyBCD can't detect xp partition initially so I had to manualy add xp entry into mbr.

And again, after I restart, I still can't acess os selction screen unless the install disk is in dvd drive

If I put install disk into dvd drive, I'm now able to go to os selection screen (which was created by easyBCD from windows 7)

I wonder if there is something I can do with xp boot.ini to fix this ?

If it helps, I noticed that when in XP the first partition running XP is the C: drive and when in Windows 7 the 3rd partition running Windows 7 is the C: drive. So it seems like the issue is that the Windows 7 bootloader needs to be written to the MBR, but I am afraid that if I do that I will no longer be able to boot into XP.
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