Can't change file tags on Word 2007 files

I use tags to keep things organized. I can edit and update the tags on Word 2003 files just fine. But when I try to edit and save them on the newer files I get the following error:


I've checked ownership and permissions, they both appear to be set properly, and that gives a different error anyway.

I've also noticed that the older Word 2003 files allow for a thumbnail icon of the document, but this doesn't work for 2007 even if the thumbnail box is checked. I can edit the document information inside Word of course, but that doesn't show up in Windows Explorer searches.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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I am not currently able to access Office 2007 (Using 2010), but have you enabled the facility?
In Options.
In categories , click Add-ins.
In Manage , choose Smart Tags and then Go..............

Then Select the Label data with smart tags check box and click OK.

Thanks for replying. Excuse me, I think my initial question was a bit vague. I'm refering to the tags and other metadata that show up at the bottom of Windows Explorer, like so:


I can edit them from here, and they are useful for setting up file categories, searches and so on. I can edit these tags for Word 2003 files just fine. But when I try to do this for Word 2007 files I get the error I posted. Sorry for the confusion.


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I understand now, but sorry, cannot help. Maybe someone familiar with 2007 will step in.

Thanks anyway!


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I have Word 2007, so if you give me your steps to tag the file, I will try.

The file isn't read only, is it?


Write something in Word 2007. Save it and close Word. Open Windows Explorer. Navigate to the file and select it. At the bottom of Explorer is the section for file tags. You should see things like Author, Tags, Title, etc. Change one. At the right click on save. That's when I get the error.


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Well, saved a .doc and .docx version of the file in the Documents folder. All tags worked as advertised.

Which folder are you using to save the files?

Do you have any other types of files in the directory as far as where they came from or what OS they were made with?

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